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Extra virgin olive oil in bag-in-box

Bag-in-box can therefore keep the freshness and aromatic taste of organic extra virgin olive oil constant over a longer period of time, unlike packaging in a glass bottle or can, especially after opening.

Bag-in-box can therefore keep the freshness and aromatic taste of organic extra virgin olive oil constant over a longer period of time, unlike packaging in a glass bottle or can, especially after opening

Organic olive oil "Bio7Days" Preserve freshness and taste

A study conducted by the University of Cordoba has shown that Bag-in-Box has the lowest oxidation rate in terms of its peroxide value and K270 and K232 compared to glass bottles, PET bottles, and tin packaging, while PET bottle packaging has the highest oxidation rate.

For this reason, once opened, we recommend consuming the olive oil within a month or two to enjoy its flavor and aroma at its peak.

What are the chemicals in olive oil that can affect its shelf life?

Free Fatty Acid:

We simply refer to it as "acid". Cold-extracted olive oil that has an acidity of less than or equal to 0.8% and with no off-flavors is classified as "extra virgin olive oil". The lower it is, the better its durability.

Peroxide value: A high peroxide value shortens the shelf life of the olive oil. The International Olive Council specifies that it must be less than or equal to 20 mEq O2/kg.

Oxygen promotes oxidation, which is bad and shortens the shelf life of olive oil.

Moisture also promotes oxidation and shortens the shelf life of olive oil.

Phenols are antioxidants that are good for extending shelf life.


Bag-in-box packaging solves two of these problems - light and oxygen.
The bag and its corrugated cardboard offer double layers of protection against possible penetration of light into the olive oil.

When the bag releases the olive oil through the faucet, the bag collapses, keeping the air out of the olive oil.

The push-button faucet attached to the bag features a one-way valve design that prevents air and oxygen from entering the bag and coming in contact with the olive oil.


"The most important practical implication is that the bag-in-box container provides the olive oil with excellent protection from light and oxygen since there is no air-filled headspace at any point during its use," Michael Kontominas, the study's lead author and Professor at the University of Ioannina.

Less ecological footprint

Packaging is one of the main concerns for keeping our planet safe. At Philippos Hellenic Goods, we make every effort to stand up to environmentally friendly solutions. Bag-in-Box is the answer. Philippos Hellenic Goods uses a 3L bag in the box for Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Designed for liquid storage and transfer, it consists of multiple metalized foil layers that are filled with food and can withstand temperatures of up to 85 degrees Celsius. Bag-in-Box is double packaging. It consists of a pouch made of special food-grade material and an outer free-standing recycled carton with the list of regulatory requirements. The disposal of the empty bag-in-box is also more environmentally friendly than any other packaging: when empty, transport costs are reduced because there is less volume and weight, and when used, the recyclable cardboard that wraps the bag separates easily, so that the different components are sorted and recycled separately, reducing the environmental impact.

More quality olive oil

Another benefit of bag-in-box packaging is that it preserves the quality and flavor of your extra virgin olive oil even more. Using this special packaging is beneficial for both our company and our customers. First, it protects
olive oil from changing factors such as light, oxygen, and humidity, helping to preserve all its nutritional and organoleptic properties. The pouch remains sealed inside the box, while the small tap on the bottom adjusts the flow and prevents air from entering, keeping the olive oil intact and making refilling the Philippos Premium glass bottles easy and convenient. The pouch and faucet work together to extend shelf life before and after opening the package.

Benefits of extra virgin olive oil

  • Easy to carry and store away

  • serving convenience

  • Effortless refilling

  • Quality preserved and protected

  • Longer shelf life after opening

  • High UV and oxygen protection

  • Eco-friendly - lower carbon footprint

How does a bag in box work?

The outer box protects the pouch inside that stores the oil in the dark and without oxygen passage. To use it, the box does not need to be opened; The only thing you have to do once you receive the bag is pulled out the faucet.

  • The practical bag in the box tap is easy to prepare

  • The practical bag in the box tap is easy to prepare

  • Place the box on a table so that it is lying on the long side opposite the water tap.

  • Press the black circle and try to move your thumb from the center to the sides as you press.

Once the black cardboard cap is removed, remove it and lift the dotted cardboard tab next to the page.

Insert your hand and remove the tap by inserting it into the circular hole. After securing, close the side tab. For it to work you need to stand the box upright, with the faucet down, and remove the safety guard from the faucet. For a correct and easy extraction, place your thumb on the upper green part and insert your index and middle fingers into the two side tabs.

With our Bag in Box tap, you won't waste a single drop.
The amount of olive oil that comes out of the tap depends on the intensity with which the tap is pressed. Squeeze gently to release the oil in single drops, or harder if you want to pour the oil slowly. Just take your fingers off the faucet and the flow of liquid will stop instantly, without dripping or messing up.

A practical and quick solution for cooking dishes or seasoning. The bag-in-box, lightweight and compact, can be stored in the kitchen cupboards and used when needed. There is no need to pour the oil or keep a thousand containers (for cooking, for serving, for putting on the table, etc.). Just one container of olive oil is enough: the bag in the box.

A unique and practical solution for a thousand uses in the home.

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